The journey to restoration starts with you.

Rebeca Staples Professional Therapist

My journey into health and well-being was not one of curiosity but one of necessity. At the age of two the first signs of eczema appeared inside my elbows, which transformed into full body eczema and living this with for over 20 years. In my absolute discomfort and desperation to heal my physical, emotional and mental body I became a student on the art of healing ... back to health and well-being.

I now look back and see that healing full body eczema was my path to understanding how and why our ailments show up. We are always being guided back to wholeness  and this guidance shows  up in a way for us to take notice. Pain and suffering  appears when we have wandered away from  our incredible  and truest selves - the self that we are here to discover.

"What is most important in reaching our goals is ... supporting the firm idea of success. When our goals are positively supported by both conscious mind and subconscious mind - they are bound to manifest."

Many of us have come to a point in our human lives - where we are in need. This need may be in the form of emotional relief, discovering where our pain may stem from or understanding our psychology. When we are experiencing some form of suffering what we don’t realise is that - we are the creators of our internal and external worlds, therefore we create the suffering via unconscious beliefs and thought patterns. This means we can also dismantle these unwanted beliefs via the subconscious mind, understand why we created them, and replace them with new beliefs that will create a whole new life story.

"Experienced in the art of healing - I coach and facilitate, utilising Kahuna Body Work, Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy in Brisbane. See how you can raise your frequency and heal pain, unhappiness and reprogram thoughts of optimal health, well-being and fulfilling work - magically."

With over 20 years combined experience as a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Counsellor, Time-Line Therapist, NLP Practitioner, and Body Worker, I  offer life supporting therapy that will not only change the way you see yourself, feel yourself and operate in the world - but how your world interacts with you.

"Hypnotherapy works for pain management, fears and phobias, addiction, anxiety and goal setting - because it accesses the subconscious."

I am a lifelong student of the unfolding of our potential as human beings, with a meditative focus on our extra sensory abilities – abilities that we all possess. I approach each person through the eyes of our true nature … that we are all connected,  we are all one, and very powerful creators.

Rebecca Staples  -  Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist.