Why Your Opinion Matters ... and how your life depends on it

How many times have we heard the phrase ‘That’s just your opinion’? It may lead to a feeling related to being incorrect or that our view does not matter. We may also feel a sense of fear lurking in the background, from a response such as this, which in turn may put a stop to us backing our opinion.

Have you ever paused to wonder …

how fear may play an important part in our sense of reality, and whether our subjective opinions and beliefs are actually vitally important in our personal life and how it plays out?  Science, and Energy Theorists can now prove that how we experience life and whether we get what we want or not - is heavily influenced by our thoughts, emotions, and opinions.

What if every opinion, thought and belief we held had a big impact on the life we experience?

Imagine … with each new and recurring thought we have, a point or  seed is created in the field of consciousness, ‘The Unlimited Universal Field’ where that thought had the potential to expand and become a real thing - morphing into a 3-dimentional form.

This may not be such a way-out idea … if we moved away from old, deeply embedded beliefs, confirming that what we currently see, feel and experience is our only option for living, as well as debunking the idea that what we imagine has to be validated - logically!

To entertain that the unimaginable could become a reality, that we can create anything with the power of our imagination and our opinions may in fact wield tremendous power in our life experience, let’s look at the wonderful world of Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum Mechanics

In the area of Quantum Physics, it is implied that ‘As We Think We Create’.  To support this we can understand that every physical object we use in our existence was at one point a thought, an idea … wasn’t it? Einstein put it this way:

" The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking... and cannot be changed

without changing our thoughts" 

- Albert Einstein

But why hasn’t this idea actually locked in yet? Well in mainstream thinking we are convinced to believe, if something can be explained scientifically it is real and valid. What we have not been exposed to are the emerging theories that not everything has to be scientifically backed in order for it to be real … and to thicken this plot even further, what appears as real for one person may not even appear at all for another! How does this even make sense? Pause …

An alternative reality

Imagine … from the time we were born we were exposed to the idea that every thought was a single point in consciousness, with a potential to expand and the more we fed the idea of that thought the more it continued to grow  - into reality – into a 3-dimensional object or experience.

It is understood that consciousness may be difficult to grasp in the beginning stages; but a mind trick could suggest that we simply imagine consciousness as being aware of an infinite space within and around us. A soup of invisible space that is alive and awake, and waiting to create any thought that is put into it.

What if … we were not only taught but encouraged to contemplate the thoughts that arose from our consciousness, our own Internal Guidance System, and given permission to discern whether that thought felt good in our body or not? Pause …

Furthermore, when it came to a thought that created a feeling within us, which did not feel good, we were guided to give that idea no attention, what-so-ever and simply let it go. Similarly, when it came to the thoughts that felt good for us, the ones that gave us a sense of Excitement, Intrigue and Fascination, we were encouraged to feel more into it – increase the focus, and perhaps follow the idea of it.

Let’s liken this good feeling to getting that new bike for Christmas and jumping the hell onto it with enthusiasm, combined with an inner knowing that we were going to learn to ride and master this object. We also knew deep inside that we were one with that bike, and together would generate a feeling of unlimited freedom – creating the ultimate adventure!  Pause and image how that would that feel?

But why do the majority of us  experience the opposite of a life of  Excitement, Intrigue and Fascination?

From the time we are able to speak and thinik we are directed to listen and follow ... someone else's ideas and beliefs, which may not be ideal for us. Is this limiting? Absolutely yes! 

Instead of being taught to listen to, and contemplate the ideas and messages from our own Internal Guidance System, as well as learn to optimally operate this Personalised Supernatural Mechanism, we are instead cajoled to unquestionably follow the belief systems and ideas of the people/society, family members (the collective) around us. A collective - by the way - does not always have our own best interests at heart.

Why we should question the motives of a collective society.

We are all evolving … and as we evolve, we will come to see that the society in which we grew up in contains, and still does hold a tremendous amount of fear consciousness.

In this case it is no surprise that if we were given our education in reality and life, from a society that was based in fear, then it would leave little room for our best interests - because everyone within that society would be trying to take care of their own. This is also known as survival, combined with the illusion of being separate, not only from each other but from our surroundings.   

Why were we raised in fear consciousness and made to conform?

One theory that supports obedience is, it is easier to encourage children to conform to the ideas of others, which include family members, bodies of society, culture, religion etc., than to allow a child to invite new ideas to the contrary. It takes courage to allow a child to express when something does not feel right for them, as well as allow them to say ‘NO THANKS’ … to a situation that does not feel like a YES for them. Why? Because this would create an ultimatum, which would demand that  the dictators who are enforcing these existing beliefs, question the validity of old paradigms, rules and regulations that they were taught to follow, within their own lives; and  if it was unveiled that these old paradigms and expectations actually did not feel good for them, and never did, they would then have to open their own Pandora’s box and question all the choices made in their own lifetime, as well as  question whether they are actually living a life of authenticity – or not!

Opening Pandora’s box can be a little scary, as we don’t know the entanglement that lies within it.

Therefore, as a collective, we are educated and manipulated to conform, rather than press against the expectations of our external environment, even when those expectations don’t feel good.

It takes courage to question … and even more courage to change!

What we may not realise is, we end up conforming to the point where we paradoxically become clones of each other at the detriment of our own and truest authenticity. We more-or-less end up following what we know to be a dictated rat race life … and to be honest, how does this feel? Could this be why we are not living the enchanted life, one that our soul knows we could be experiencing?  How can we break free of having to conform?

There is no illusion greater than fear 

- Lao Tsu

We conform because deep down we are afraid to speak our truth, if it is not in agreeance with  others or the whole. Each time we act from fear, a vibrational wave of fear  is attracted to our energy field. In turn we contract and become more dense/solid. Remind yourself for a moment what it feels like in your body when you are feeling afraid – does your body feel strong or weak in these situations?

Fear has been a tool that has been used for eons to manipulate power.

On a larger scale, could it be possible that what was fed into our thought systems collectively, were ideas that kept humans within a base line of fear consciousness, such as ‘survival of the fittest’, ‘divide and conquer’ or ‘best not rock the boat’. Unfortunately, these thought systems create a separateness mentality, as well as a feeling of defensiveness i.e., all low vibrational frequencies.  Additionally, when living in low vibes such as these … a higher frequency lifestyle is inaccessible!

Fear vibrates at a very low, dense frequency and creates the illusion of separation.

However, let’s keep on track, as to why our subjective opinions matter - without unveiling all the possible reasons that unseen baits of negative low vibrational energy, can easily get a foothold within our body’s vibrational field. There are many conspiracy theories on this subject to explore - at another time.

If we are not separate at all ... then what is there to be afraid of ? 

Why is it that we have come to believe that all things we see as solid are separate, and things such as thoughts, ideas and imagination are not solid at all?  In fact, science now has it that our reality including the energy of thoughts, consists of a bunch of electrons floating around within an electron cloud, giving us a sensation of a solid or a non-solid matter. This indicates we ourselves are made up of little particles, buzzing around, appearing to look solid and separate, when actually … we’re not! More info please?

The ‘Pauli Exclusion Principle’ helps explain the illusion of separateness

 At the atomic level it is not possible for two electrons belonging to a particular class to occupy the same quantum state as another class. Example: When we hold a fork the electrons within our hands cannot merge with the electrons that occupy the quantum state of the fork, therefore both the fork and hand are experienced as separate.

However, we are now coming to understand through the scientific evidence of Quantum Mechanical Theory that old ideas of reality i.e., a proven objective fact can be accepted as real and agreed upon by many, when it includes observation, measurement and repeatability, MAY NO LONGER BE THE ONLY EXPLANATION FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE TO BE REAL. This appears to be an absolute game changer!

So, in fact we are not  separate, thoughts are things, and our opinions do matter!

Isn’t it fascinating, after all this time, through the science of Quantum Mechanics, we are coming to understand that at the subatomic level ...

‘two observers can view the same object or experience, where their subjective understanding is actually factual for each observer?”

To get a better understanding of this idea check out the famous ‘Double Slit Experiment’, which explains how particles can be in two or more places simultaneously, and it further suggests that electrons behave differently when being observed by an observer and their intention. So what does this mean?

'If two or more people are looking at the same object can they see things differently based on what they believe to be true?  The answer is … YES'

According to Caslav Brukner, University Professor – specialising in Physics, Quantum Theory, Gravity and Causality, it is suggested that facts are dependent on the observer .

In conclusion have we been so ingrained out of fear conditioning, to follow and not question anything,  to believe that our enquiry is not valuable if we cannot prove it, and if we genuinely question authority or hierarchy that we will be punished in some form, on some level?

There  is another alternative?

Let’s imagine a life  that starts off along the lines … from the time we were born we are taught about the power of thought and how each thought we feed will become manifest, especially when coupled with intense emotion – Becoming Super Natural, Dr Joe Dispenza.  

In this new reality we are permitted to throw caution to the wind and dance around with our dreams and imagination, also known as valid subjective facts. With every feel-good-thought that we entertain we become more in alignment with the alchemist of our subjective reality and a world we want to live in. This is true democracy. And what if right now this was still a possibility that we could align with - no matter how old we are?


Quantum Mechanics now proves:   The world we experience is a projection of our thoughts, both  conscious and unconscious and in addition emotions are an  important ingredient that has a tremendous impact on what we create in our world. When we combine thoughts and emotions  we experience a reflection of a recipe called 'our life situation'.  The good news is up until now we didn't realise we are in the control seat and with a little bit of help we can create a life by intentional design - a life where we feel more peaceful, healthier, empowered, in love and abundant. 

The question is - Is your life your ideal life?  If not  ... you can change this.

" What do I believe is true, are they actually my beliefs and opinions, what life do I really want to experience, and are my opinions working towards that ... or not? "

Change your beliefs .. Change your life.