The journey to restoration starts with you.


Seeking out a good therapist nearby, is not an easy task. It is important that you feel a connection with your therapist from the first encounter. Whether it be via a phone call or first consultation, your feelings will be your truest guide. The right person will not only facilitate but support your journey back to feeling like you can achieve anything that you can imagine.

Phone and Skype sessions also available. 

"Restorei Hypnotherapy in Brisbane offers a combination of therapy modalities - Shadow Work, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Kahuna Body Work, Polynesian Floor work - because everyone responds differently."


Suffering is the result of internal conflict. Everybody is unique in how they build problematic situations. For this reason, tailor made therapy is essential for healing.


Hypnotherapy is extremely effective when wanting to stop smoking, calm anxiety attacks, exercise pain management, as well as set and achieve future set goals.

Body Work

Understanding how our body responds to our every day choices is critical if wanting to raise our frequency levels. High frequency choices, equals feeling energised for life .