Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Restore-i. By reading the below information you will gain a good idea of how our practice facilitates your journey to healing, as well as layout the responsibility and process of our practice towards you ‘the client’ and the responsibility of the client when undertaking therapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy will differ for each individual. What may take one session for one person may take a few for another. This will depend on the individual’s degree of suggestibility. Suggestibility is not created by hypnosis it is enhanced by it. Therefore, many individuals exhibit higher degrees of suggestibility within a hypnotic state, and a trained qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist will have the necessary tools to work with a majority of people. Hypnotherapy assists in creating effective and lasting change, in a shorter time period than compared to counselling, and so is a worthwhile investment.

Restore-i Guarantee: Restore-i values and aims for successful outcomes and client satisfaction. It should take no more than 1 to 3 sessions, to see positive results or completely resolve a single presenting issue. However, each individual’s process will vary in this case, clients will not have to pay for the same presenting issue, after the 3rd session. Therefore, Restorei will continue to work with the client up until the initial presenting issue is resolved or heading in the undeniable area of resolve - at no extra cost.

Cancellations: It is appreciated that you arrive promptly, so that you can obtain your full session. If you must cancel or reschedule, we require 24 hours-notice. A late cancellation will result in Restorei not having the space available for other bookings. In this case, you are financially responsible for 100% of the scheduled fee as well as if you do not show up for an appointment or a cancellation occurs within 24 hours of your scheduled time. If you must cancel or reschedule due to an emergency, please notify us as soon as possible so we can utilise your space and come to an alternative arrangement. Please note: A cancelled or missed appointment will be considered completed for clients under a payment plan.

Confidentiality: All hypnosis sessions and client information are confidential. The exception to this is when required by state or federal law. If you disclose that you have committed certain criminal offences, the therapist is obliged by law to report possible harmful threats to the authorities. You further understand that if the therapist deems that you may be a physical threat to yourself, themselves or others that they are obliged to report this.

Physical Contact: Physical contact may be made during sessions to your head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, and that by signing this document, you consent to physical contact to these zones by the therapist, as part of the hypnosis process. N.B. There is a strict policy of avoiding contact with the erogenous zones – from and between the client and hypnotherapist. Any breach of this policy is to be reported to the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) 1300 55 22 54.

Concerns: If you should have a complaint which we have not resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) 1300 55 22 54, www.ahahypnotherapy.org.au. It is your right to refuse any aspect of our services and to seek the services of another hypnotherapist at any time.

Exclusions: The 3-session-guarantee does not include weight loss amounts, long term athletic development levels and vocational positions advancements.

Disclaimer: Restorei is not a medical practice. We offer natural and safe facilitated hypnotherapy sessions, designed to address and clear problematic life situations and behaviours. The hypnotherapy services are facilitated by a fully trained and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and are provided for educational self-help and self-improvement purposes. Hypnotherapy is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical or psychological condition. If you have an ongoing medical condition, mental disability or mental illness, please consult a medical doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist – alongside hypnotherapy. Despite mounting research and success stories to the contrary, we do not advocate hypnotherapy as a form of total health care.

Restore-i holds the right to break and refund the balance of a ‘3-5 session-guarantee’ and/or decline further appointments, as well as report a situation to relative health authorities or law enforcement authorities, if it is believed to be in the client’s or a third party person / people’s best interest. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Mental or physical health concerns – including addictions to any form of narcotics
  • Financial issues or concerns
  • A perceived risk of personal safety to either the hypnotherapist, client or third parties

I have read and understood the nature of hypnotherapy sessions. I understand that the outcome of hypnotherapy will vary with every individual. I also understand that my therapist must disclose any information, should a situation be placing myself or another at harmful risk. I further understand the nature and limits of confidentiality and what my role and my therapist’s role is within hypnotherapy sessions.