The journey to restoration starts with you.

My experience with hypnotherapy and psychotherapy was amazing and truly helped with confidence and anxiety issues I had been experiencing.  I was in a really low place when I came to Bec, struggling with university studies and feeling like I should just drop out.  Bec was so caring, helpful and professional. With each session I discovered little memories buried deep down that were having a huge effect on my outlook and mental health. I felt comfortable throughout the whole experience and after every session left feeling so positive. Now I've completed two semesters with a distinction!

Alexia. M

I thought I was the type of person that could not be hypnotised. Rebecca’s ability to make me feel comfortable and relaxed ensured that wasn’t a problem. I saw the benefits from just one session.

Brad. C

My experience of hypnotherapy with Rebecca was life changing - literally.  She gently and intuitively guided me to a place within my subconscious where I was  able to make changes that has affected my life for the better.  I would highly recommend Rebecca as an extremely intuitive, caring and experienced facilitator.

Caroline. H

I had a job interview and was nervous about what to say and how to present myself. I had a role play session with Bec where she embedded new thought processes and helped me to change my delivery of speech to use in the interview. I ended up getting the job!

Teagan. T
university student